Saturday, January 27, 2007

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Blog and Ping tutorial - Blogging to Fame!
are you?

Mark's Weblog - SEO for FREE
A place to post your best guess about the process that might improve a web site's placement in search engine results.

The Ruminator - Ruminate This Site
I Ruminate, Marinate and Review Compelling Blogs and Websites - So You Don't Have To.

ilker yoldas - The Thinking Blog
Your daily dose of Fuel to Keep Thinking! - Blogging, Web Development and Web Marketing All You Need To Know Blog. Typer Tappers.

UK Link Exchange
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eMarketing Blogs

Barbiezabel's Blog - Free Success Guides
FREE Guides to SUCCESS Double Your Income & Double Your Time Off! Apply these Timeless Practices used by Successful Men and Women throughout the ages and finally start LIVING YOUR DREAMS!

Creative Latitude - Creative Latitude is a worldwide community that unites various creative disciplines for collective promotion, education and ethical business practice.

Dj's Blog - Cashsurfing
Genuine ways to make money online.. get paid for your time spent online ..

Internetbazaar - Make money online with internetbazaar tips!
One can find articles about how to make money by blogging/online.

Janet legere's Blog - List Building Strategies With Janet Legere
Join Janet On A Journey Through Internet Marketing and Learn Her List Building Strategies That Work - Time Tested ...

Random Encounters of We - Random Encounters of We
This blog has something for everyone. There are money making tips, funny pictures, polls and much more!

Vijay's Blog - Vijay Bhaskar Online
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Debojitc's Blog - Free life coaching - How to Be Your Own Life Coach
We aim to provide a high-quality professional life coaching service free of charge. We would like to invite you to join us in this wonderful journey of self-discovery. Excel in life - unleash your unlimited power.

Marshall's Blog - Nutrition
Eat Healthy, Be Healthy

Siva's Blog - Health News Network
A blog on news and articles related to health

Friday, January 26, 2007

Information Technology,Software,Internet,Computers

    Naveed's Blog - Information Age - Naveed Ahmed's weblog on building Web technology for the Information Age

Blogs Board - Technology blog
Technology and software latest news, Windows XP and vista tutorial, links of free stuff, Rapidshare and megaupload tips and tricks all in one blog

Himadri's Blog - The World of Information Technologies

JetBrowse - TurboCharge Your Internet
Increase your Internet Speeds by 5 Times and Also Reduce Download Bills

Education,Jobs and Placements

Aparna's blog - Campus Placement - Campus placement questions,Interview Questions,Jobs,placement papers.Frequent Interview questions along with experiences are available on this site.GRE materials available!!

Hansfeldmeier's Blog1 - etwinning e-digiskills
Teachers and students from 10 European schools are working on tools regarding ELECTRONIC LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS like ejournals, webquests, weblogs, websites, video conferences, voip, photo imaging et cetera. It turns out that platforms like Dokeos, Lo-net, TwinSpace etc. make it easy to collaborate.

hansfeldmeier's Blog2 - DigiLifeBlog

Photo Blogs

Anirudh79's Blog - anirudh's ARTWORK
I have learnt photoshop at home,b'cos at that time no institute for photoshop was there in my city, in the early days of my starting i was not having internet and also i was unaware about tutorial but because of my urge to learn photoshop i am still learning.i am going to present you whatever i have learnt and also i am expecting few suggestion from your side. "Yes this is my love at first sight" Impossible is an opinion Possible is a fact.I believe in facts. Opinions keep on changing.

Diana's Blog - Expression of Life
You come into the world without your consent and leave it against your will. In between you are sometimes loved and sometimes hated, sometimes understood and sometimes misunderstood. You still try to find your way out. I am just one such person who is constantly searching for answers.

Prasant's Blog - Prasant's photo collection

Stefan's Blog - The Fun Place
A place of fun - your blog host, the ultimate fun pics host if you want your pic on the site send it to

General, Personal thoughts

Adi's Blog - RAMBLING

Amrit's Blog - Vatsup -
yet another creative take on life

Arati-jere's Blog - Now.. what was I saying..??
Wanderings of a restless mind..

Arno's Blog - Arno

Baby Shern - A mom's thoughts about her kid

CLS's Blog - Angel or Evil ? Neither ! Simbly Bored ...
My Head. My Space. My vent out point. My ideas. My curses to myself. My disillusionment with Sodex-Ho. My Life. My pointlessness. My clever words. My veils of obfuscation (just had to use the word... :P). My irreverance. My constant drama. Here. With Hologram, Copyright, Trademark et all. Mera Blog.

Lis's Blog - About Every Little Thing
Just a girl blogging about whatever interests her.

Manjari's Blog - Indian Ecstacies
An Encyclopedia of Indian Culture and Heritage.

Marlee's Blog - everything but anything

Marshall's Blog - Our Travels
Off to See the United States!

Perwi's - Perwi

Piyu's Blog - as red as white...
i dont understand wat u speak,but i do know everythin about the colours i see on your face..

Sameera's Blog - Scorpy Paradise
Who says nothing is impossible?????? I've been doing nothing for years!!!!!